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Golden Apples: Parables Of The Ben Ish Chai
One of the greatest geonim of modern times was also a master spinner of tales. This selection will e..
Inspiration and Insight - Festivals /
Rabbi Yehudah Zev Segal tz""l was an embodiment of wisdom, piety, and love. Here, his practical, ..
Inspiration and Insight - Torah
Rabbi Segal's talks were down to earth, powerful, and uplifting; his topics timely, wide ranging and..
It Wasn't How It Seemed
Rebbetzin Yehudis Samet has ""double vision"" - and in this charming and stimulating book she shares..
Jewish Parables
The parable has long been a favorite and very effective tool of some of our foremost leaders and tea..
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Living Kiddush Hashem
Underlying our mitzvahs, our Torah study, our ethical and moral lives is one overriding concept: Kid..
My Father, My Mother and Me
So many books about parenting. Finally - a book about our parents. Everyone knows the importance of ..
Precious Jewels
Zelda Rosenthal is one of those rare human beings who possesses a wonderful combination of attribut..
Rabbi Freifeld Speaks
The late Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld possessed the enviable ability to relate to a wide range of people. T..
Rabbi Miller Speaks Volume 1
Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt"l was one of the gedolim of our time. His writings and thousands of recorde..
Rabbi Miller Speaks Volume 2
The high energy and uplifting spirit of a beloved gadol lives on in this compilation of his superb a..
Salomon Says
Let's take a walk through life with Yaakov Salomon. In these marvelous stories - brimming with wit, ..
Searching for Comfort
The loss of a loved one can be a devastating blow, its impact unpredictable and often perplexing. I..
Self Confidence
With self-confidence, you succeed. Self-confidence allows you to create goals -- and reach them. It ..
Rabbi Zelig Pliskin is a guide and mentor to thousands of people who have never seen him. His warmth..
Something to Think About
Taking Action
Thousands of years before the term ""proactive"" was coined by motivational experts, the Jewish Sage..
Thank You
Parents teach young children that ""Please"" and ""Thank you"" are ""magic words,"" yet as we grow o..
The Maggid at the Podium
As Rabbi Paysach Krohn steps up to the podium, the atmosphere becomes electric with excitement and a..

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