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Class Acts /
All-New, All True Stories, Told as Only Nachman Seltzer Can! A student gets every answer wron..
Echoes Of The Maggid /
The All-American Maggid is back with a new book in the wonderful tradition of his previous four b..
Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary People /
Meet some ordinary people... People like Ephraim Lerner, a businessman traveling to Miami to ..
From My Father's Table /
In this warm and sentimental volume, S. M. Tenenbaum remembers her father's Shabbos table, and th..
Gut Voch /
A treasure trove of inspiring stories about tzaddikim from many lands. For over two hundred years..
Hidden Gems: Our Special Children /
Hidden Gems: Our Special Children encompasses an exceptional world: the world of children with sp..
Holiday Tales for the Soul /
Yair Weinstock is the versatile writer who is known both for his gripping mysteries and for his a..
Holiday Tales for the Soul Volume 2 /
Yair Weinstock's best-selling Tales for the Soul series has won the interest and admiration of ma..
In Black and White /
Life is not always as simple as black and white. The world we live in can be a place of tough cho..
In The Footsteps of The Maggid /
Yet another collection of warm, inspiring, and thought-provoking stories, wonderfully retold in t..
In the Spirit of the Maggid /
For more than two decades Rabbi Paysach Krohn has been inspiring and enthralling tens of thousand..
In the Splendor of the Maggid /
An American Maggid. An American Legend. A brand-new collection in the bestselling ""Maggid Serie..
Inspiration and Insight - Festivals /
Rabbi Yehudah Zev Segal tz""l was an embodiment of wisdom, piety, and love. Here, his practical, ..
Inspiration and Insight - Torah
Rabbi Segal's talks were down to earth, powerful, and uplifting; his topics timely, wide ranging and..
It Could Have Been You /
It Could Have Been You: Brand new, inspirational stories about people like you Good stories a..
It Could Have Been You Volume 2 /
A world of excitement: Armed only with prayer, a Jewish family makes its way through the dark Afr..
It Could Have Been You Volume 3 /
A gang of leather-jacketed bikers confront an aged rabbi - and learn the power of holiness.....
It Wasn't How It Seemed
Rebbetzin Yehudis Samet has ""double vision"" - and in this charming and stimulating book she shares..
Jewish Parables
The parable has long been a favorite and very effective tool of some of our foremost leaders and tea..
Light at the End of the Tunnel

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