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Something to Think About
Taking Action
Thousands of years before the term ""proactive"" was coined by motivational experts, the Jewish Sage..
Thank You
Parents teach young children that ""Please"" and ""Thank you"" are ""magic words,"" yet as we grow o..
The Maggid at the Podium
As Rabbi Paysach Krohn steps up to the podium, the atmosphere becomes electric with excitement and a..
The Other Side Of The Story
You are absolutely, positively, certain that your friend/spouse/boss/neighbor has done something he ..
Vistas Of Challenge
It's about joy, strength, and triumph in the most unlikely and chilling circumstances. It's about pe..
Walking Down the Street
Through this moving and thought-provoking collection of poetry, Malky Treitel shares her acute obser..
Walking with Rabbi Miller /
Join the inner circle of Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s disciples, as they accompany him on his daily wal..
Wisdom & Wit
Add spice to your conversations and speeches with these brief anecdotes about famous Jewish leaders..
Amazing Woman  /
What do a movie director, kidney donor, tae kwon do black belt, chef, and ‎cellist all have ..
Chassidic Gems  /
Out Of Stock
Emunah with Love and Chicken Soup    /
The Machlis family hospitality is legendary. Every Shabbos they fit 150 or more people in their s..
Food for Thought   /
Feed your brain. Nourish your neshamah. With stories ... and not calories. With insig..
Go My Son /
From frozen tundras to veritable battlefields, a young yeshivah student escapes certain death in ..
How Could I Not Have Known  /
Chana Rotenberg spent a happy childhood in Antwerp with loving parents who took her and her ..
Incredible! Paperback  /
This is a true story so full of non-stop action, physical and spiritual courage, Divine Providenc..
LifeLines 2  /
Life. It's infinitely interesting. People live such fascinating lives. Their struggles, their..
Living Emunah 3  /
Emunah. Believe it. Live it. Feel it! Strengthening emunah, our faith in Hashem, in His P..
Lubavitcher Rabbi's Memoirs /
Publisher: Kehot Publication Society Author: Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneerson Translator:&..
Miracles in Switzerland  /
War and Holocaust were raging all around little Jutta Zehner, but this young Jewish child, surrou..

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