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A Gift Passed Along
Sarah Shapiro is a welcome new addition to Shaar Press’ list of authors. There are many words to de..
A Mother's Musings
Few experiences are more beloved than motherhood, yet the role can be very lonely. There are no head..
A Woman's Guide To The Laws Of Niddah /
Knowledge of the laws of niddah is absolutely essential for every married woman, and in this new ..
All Things Considered
An award-winning author writes to her fellow wives, mothers, and homemakers...
Ask Rebbetzin Feige
From the thought-provoking pen of Rebbitzen Feige Twerski comes a long-awaited compilation of her fi..
Daughters of Destiny
Dear Daughter
Rabbi Eliyohu Goldschmidt was a prominent yeshivah educator and a master of human nature, especially..
Heart to Heart Talks
Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, one of the greatest gedolei Torah and poskim of our time, is a rever..
It's About Time
This is the survival kit for the Jewish juggler of time and responsibilities. Chaya Levine and Necha..
Lights from Jerusalem
From the author of the bestseller Holy Woman comes Lights from Jerusalem. Like Holy Woman, the stor..
Hundreds of families rely on him to guide them through the shoals and rapids of life. Now, let him e..
Mothers To Mothers
The Mother's Helper You've Been Waiting For! How does a mother find space for herself, when she mu..
Of Home And Heart
Reflections on the world of the Jewish woman. A collection of thoughtful articles from the Jewish Ob..
Rebbetzin Feige Responds
""Your daughter-in-law is dressing in a way that doesn't reflect your standards of tznius. Should ..
She Shall Be Praised
Ten Minutes a Day to a Better Marriage /
Even if your marriage is great, it can be better. And working on it 10 minutes a day is all it ta..
The Bat Mitzvah Treasury
As a young girl becomes Bat Mitzvah, she enters a period of profound growth and inspiration. In thes..
Halachic authority Rabbi Binyomin Forst continues his comprehensive treatment of the laws of nid..
Wish I Were Here
The Land of Israel is like no other. First timers and old-timers alike share a common awe - just bei..
Woman To Woman
Rebbetzin Esther Greenberg was famous throughout Israel as a mentor to countless women, including so..

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