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Interrupted Journey
The world was stunned by the hijacking of Air France flight 139 en route from Tel Aviv to Paris on J..
Jerusalem Diaries and Other Stories
Festival stories spanning 2,000 years of the Holy City's history...
Jerusalem Gems
True stories about Jerusalem at the turn of the century...
Jerusalem Gems /
True stories about Jerusalem at the turn of the century. ..
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Jumping in and Other Stories
Sometimes you can't walk, you've got to run. And sometimes you have to do even more: You have to jum..
Keeper of the Crown
A gripping new novel, Keeper of the Crown is set in Baghdad, Iraq. The year is 1936, a period of up..
Lift Me Higher
From the author of Conquer the Darkness ""I have a ladder to climb. And nothing ... nothing will ev..
Midnight Intruders
The two men fled through the devastated Jewish quarter of Budapest as the blazing cannons of the Aus..
Miracle Ride /
""11th grade was so not a picnic."" For 16-year-old Tzipi Caton, eleventh grade meant tests, ..
One Day and Forever
A young couple triumphs over adversity in this epic historical novel...
One Flight Up
In a profound exposé of human emotions under pressure, One Flight Up by Rachel Schorr is a novel lik..
Out of the Woods
What would you do if someone decided to build a big factory in the woods where you and all of your f..
Prince Of Akko
The swashbuckling story of Chaim Farhi, a heroic young Jew who comes to grips with the most cruel. g..
Roadblock is a gripping novel about facing the fears and the past that haunt us. About true courage...
Room 210
Scandal in Amsterdam
Betrayed and imprisoned in Vienna. Sebastian Dominguez finally gains his release, only to discover t..
Second Chances
Everyone needs second chances. Ellie Ribetsky: At twenty-nine she is a mass of contradictions; a he..
Stories My Grandfather Told Me - 5 Volume Slipcased Set    /
You can't go wrong with good stories — and you can never get enough of them! That is an old but f..
Stories My Grandfather Told Me Volume 1 -- Bereishis /
Gripping stories about Jews who overcame Nazi terror to survive the war and succeed...

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