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The Face in the Mirror
Drama. Humor. Surprise. Fantasy. A totally great read. Tami and Ariella are two cousins leading ve..
The Fortune Seekers
New Mexico in the heady days of the Gold Rush. It is 1849 and a haggard group of European Jews es..
The Fur Traders
On the day before Chanukah in the year 1684, a shocking event takes place in the beis midrash of the..
The Gordian Knot
Five generations connected by a mysterious and important secret. A tale of dedication, treachery, an..
The Judge
The Long Road to Freedom
In a remote fortress prison in the mountains of northern Spain, a young prisoner named Sebastian Dom..
The Lost Legacy
All seems peaceful in the Jewish community of Gunther. But beneath the small town's mask of tranquil..
The Mexico File
Nonstop excitement. Edge-of-the-seat action. A story that is powerful, sophisticated, and terrifying..
The Mission
From the bestselling author of the Spider’s Web, comes The Mission, an eagerly awaited novel of thri..
From the bestselling author of the Spider's Web, comes The Mission, another eagerly awaited novel of..
The Mysterious Shoebox and other Leah Lamdan Holiday Mysteries
Leah Lamdan has a curious knack for solving crimes and mysteries which curiously enough, always seem..
The Network
A dynasty of evil. Where does it begin? In a luxuriously-appointed Hamburg nightclub, a group of con..
The Outcast
A novel as big and explosive as the Kingdom itself... This is the story of     A kingdom torn apart,..
The Persecution
A story of intrigue and escape, by Chaim Eliav, the best-selling author of In The Spider's Web. Don ..
The Protocols
A lone terrorist makes his way across the border into the United States, carrying a weapon with the ..
The Quest
The Runaway
Yossi is defiant. His father is overbearing. His mother is protective. It's a volatile mixture that ..
The Shadows
A brand new, breathtaking novel from Nachman Seltzer! Enter the dark world of The Shadows.. if you d..
""Hey Shia, did you hear they wrote a book about us?"" ""Really Shragi? About us? Why would anyone..
The Will

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