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5 Great Leaders
Like its popular predecessor Five Great Lives depicts the character and achievements of five towerin..
5 Great Lives
Rabbi Shimon Finkelman knows how to present the many facets of their lives as geonim, teachers, huma..
A Look Back
Half a century ago, Dr. Gershon Kranzler painted word portraits of a string of fascinating people, g..
This is a panorama of a book, the story of worlds within worlds. It combines many slices of fascinat..
Aleppo - City of Scholars
Based on LiKedoshim Asher Ba'aretz by Hacham David Laniado; Edited and expanded by Rabbi David Sutto..
Beloved by All
""No, no, no!"" he told the caller. "" How can you say you have no friends? I'm your friend."" The c..
The young Slovakian businessman planned to join his wife in London, but the Nazis marched into Austr..
Captive Child
A most unlikely hero. A most unconventional memoir. Shepsel was a little Jewish boy cared for in a ..
Chafetz Chaim - 1 Volume Edition
The definitive biography of Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan of Radin, Poland...
This New York Times bestseller is finally available in Hebrew! Yaffa Eliach's unforgettable collecti..
Child of War /
When little Leibish was eight years old, his world came to an end. It had been a wonderful wo..
Dateline: Istanbul
The courageous story of Dr. Jacob Griffel. Though his family had been wiped out, he never stopped fi..
Daughters of Destiny
Destined to Survive
Israel Cohen was a prisoner in a slave-labor hell during the Holocaust. More than once the thought t..
Dr. Adler
They don't make them like this anymore. Rav Schach zt'l called him ""ze'ir a groisseh doctor"" (a ve..
For Love Of Torah
Stories and insights on the study and the students of Israel's greatest treasure...
Going Forward
Peska Friedman's inspiring odyssey begins in the home of a chassidic rebbe in Poland, continues thro..
Great Chassidic Leaders
The inspiring life-stories of seven Torah leaders from the chassidic world...
Great Tzaddikim of Yesteryear
Guardian Of Jerusalem
The inspiring life-story of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld...

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