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Ahrele 4  /
The eagerly-awaited AHRELE-4 is finally here! Many children struggle with various difficulties ..
Dudi and Udi 6 - Beyond the Line of Fire (Comics)     /
Out Of Stock
Felling Better A To Z /
Feeling Better A to Z - A Book about Bikur Cholim The mitzvah of Bikur Cholim is usually..
Half Way? No Way! (Rozen) /
Yosef Learns to Finish the Job Little Yo is a great kid, except for one thing: he never fini..
Hey Corona! Who Are You Anyway? Softcover (Walder)  /
What Is Corona? Why Is Everyone So Afraid of It? And What Should We Do While It’s Here? ..
I Love My Tzitzis! How About You? (Dubovick) /
My tzitzis come with me wherever I go. We have fun together—doesn’t it show? When I sit i..
I Want a Friend  /
Kids need friends! But friendships come with challenges - and children need a guiding hand to..
Joy of Jewish Art for Children /
Devora Piha is the art teacher you always dreamed of for your children. She is creative,..
Just Imagine! Their Tales in Our Times Volume 2 /
Exciting and educational modern-day comics, based on the holy stories of Chazal   ..
Kids Speak (Walder) /
A collection of essays written by children aged 8-11 describing their personal problems, their fe..
Kids Speak 10 (Walder) /
The Kids Speak stories are more than just stories. They're a way to encourage children ..
Kids Speak 11 (Walder) /
Yudah, leader of his peers, is in charge of making the Lag BaOmer bonfire that’s named after him...
Kids Speak 12 (Walder) /
Moishy is a real leader. He’s not conceited, he tells the truth no matter what, and he’s fri..
Kids Speak 2 (Walder) /
By popular demand, the author has compiled the personal stories and experiences of children who w..
Kids Speak 3 (Walder) /
A sequel to 'Kids Speak' and 'Kids Speak 2 ,' chock-full of children's own personal stories...
Kids Speak 4 (Walder) /
This newest volume in the bestselling series is chock-full of real-life stories submitted by kids..
Kids Speak 5 (Walder) /
The kids are back - and they’re as clever & captivating as ever! Chaim Walder has done it a..
Kids Speak 6  (Walder) /
Fantastic news for kids—and parents: Kids Speak 6 is hot off the press, and that's sure cause for..
Kids Speak 8 (Walder) /
Itamar has a problem. A big one. Everyone suspects him of being the kid who's been stealing thing..
Kids Speak 9 (Walder) /
Noam always wins the annual school prize for "Most Original Purim Costume" with his self-styled c..