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Childrens ages 5-8

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Bedtime Stories of Jewish Values
Timeless lessons are retold here with reverence and charm. The values that we all want our children..
Hurry, Friday's a Short Day
Just A Week To Go!
Follow Raffi, a lively five-year-old who lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, and watch him get ready..
Let's Stay Safe
STOP! LOOK! READ! This may well be the most important picture book you will ever share with your chi..
Maggid Stories For Children
In this lavishly illustrated book, Chaviva Krohn Pfeiffer selects the cream of the stories made famo..
Maggid Stories For Children: Holidays and Around the Year
With each succeeding volume of the Maggid Stories for Children, Chaviva Krohn Pfeiffer shows how muc..
Making Hashem Proud
Kiddush Hashem. It's about living — the way a Jew should live. Chaviva Pfeiffer, whose collections o..
More Maggid Stories for Children
My Hebrew Picture Dictionary
Children learn by seeing, and every page in this book has an exciting scene with all sorts of object..
Stories for a Child's Heart
Children like birthdays and baseball games. They like going to camp and collecting gedolim cards. An..
Tales From The Rebbe's Table
These beutiful tales are brought to life by a great storyteller and a brilliant artist. Wether you'r..
Tales From The Yeshivah World
When you think of the Yeshiva world, you think of intillectual battles to understand a Tosafos or ex..
Tales to Live By
Would you believe that Joe Schvindler and Duvy the klutzy delivery boy both have a lesson to teach? ..
Tell Me a Tale
Wisdom, wit, and wonder infuse each imaginative tale in this newly released collection of stories wr..
The Search For the Stones
To watch an exciting trailer of this fascinating book press ""PLAY"" below. Four stones have ..
Touched by a Story For Children
What child doesn't love a good story? And there's no more popular storyteller today than Rabbi Yech..
Touched by a Story For Children Volume 2
Rabbi Yechiel Spero is back with a new collection of great stories written especially for children. ..
Adventures of Malkiel Dash - Private Eye  /
Rafi Reads  /
A Must-read for Parents, Educators, and Children Alike! Rafi sees his older brother rea..
Safety War - Operation Green Light  /

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