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Sapirstein Edition Rashi - 2 - Shemos - Student Size /

Sapirstein Edition Rashi - 2 - Shemos - Student Size /
Item No.: 1578193265
Authors: Rabbi Yisrael Herczeg
Binding: Hardcover
Date Published: 11/01/99
Pages: 557
Publisher: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
List Price: $27.99
Our Price: $22.39
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The ever popular and widely acclaimed Sapirstein Edition of Rashi is now available in a new, economically priced, student-sized version. The Sapirstein Edition Rashi presents the classic commentary on the Torah with a level of clarity and understanding that you never thought possible. What textual difficulty troubled Rashi? Why did he choose a particular comment? How does the Torah’s language indicate Rashi’s p’shat? Anyone who studies Rashi will have questions like these, and this brilliant treatment, that includes questions, answers, sources and elucidations, has won praise the world over.Now, it is available in a 5½”x8½” edition that is conveniently sized for those wishing to read it on the train, carry it in a handbag, or bring it along to shul. It is significantly less expensive than the previous 7”x10” edition and can still be purchased either individually or as a 5-volume slip-cased set.

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