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Real Questions... Real Answers

Real Questions... Real Answers
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Binding: Cd-Rom
Date Published: 09/05/05
Publisher: AJOP
List Price: $59.99
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Never in history have so many Jews had so many questions about their religion, their heritage and their identity. Good questions, honest questions, real questions. This unique CD set brings together twelve of the most highly regarded individuals in the Jewish world - people who for years have been addressing literally thousands of questions posed by thousands of real people, with real questions.

This interactive CD-ROM puts a wealth of expertise at your fingertips. Without a doubt, you too have been asked many of the questions dealt with - at the office, by a neighbor, friend or relative. You have done your best to answer, and now you can do even better. Real Questions, Real Answers will enable you to do just what you want to do - respond thoughtfully and effectively when an inquiring person asks you a good question - a question whose answer just might open up a whole new world to a questioning Jewish mind.

Prominent figures featured include HaRav Shmuel Kamanetzky, HaRav Noah Weinberg, Rav Mordechai Becher, Rav Beryl Gershenfeld, Rav Rueven Leuchter, Rav Yerachmiel Milstein and more...

Sample Questions:

  • Isn't the idea that we are the Chose People elitist or even racist?
  • Why does a man say the blessing of ""shelo asani isha"" while a woman says ""sheasani kirtzono""?
  • How can I believe in G-d when there is so much suffering in the world? How could G-d have allowed the Holocaust?
  • What is G-d's attitude toward the non-Jew?
  • Why should I marry a Jew?
  • Do you believe that Orthodox Judaism is the only valid form of Judaism? Aren't Conservative and Reform Judaism also valid expressions of the Jewish religion?
  • Hypocrisy: Am I not worse off if I know and don't do than if I simply remain ignorant?
  • Why must women dress modestly?
  • Won't Judaism stifle my individuality and creativity?
  • How do I know the Torah was really given on Sinai?
  • How can observant Jews do bad things?
  • Why did G-d choose the Jewish Nation?
  • What is wrong with Christianity and Islam? What is the fundamental difference between them and Judaism?
  • What if my partner intends to convert?

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