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Biblical Questions, Spiritual Journeys

Biblical Questions, Spiritual Journeys
Item No.: 1578194210
Authors: Rabbi Emanuel Feldman
Binding: Hardcover
Date Published: 09/20/04
Pages: 188
Publisher: Shaar Press
List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $19.99
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The Bible is replete with questions - questions that are often rhetorical or ambiguous, questions that seemingly cannot be answered, questions that invite more questions. What is their purpose? Veteran rabbi and master teacher of Torah, Rabbi Emanuel Feldman demonstrates the depth of this perfect, Divine teaching technique: the occasional use of a question to drive home a profound truth. With a sharp eye on the text and a deep understanding of the human mind, Rabbi Feldman introduces one Biblical inquiry after another and proceeds to plumb its deeper meanings. The insights he extracts from a few seemingly ""simple"" words are extraordinary! Rabbi Feldman brings hidden dimensions of Torah to the forefront, never failing to place each lesson in the context of our own behavior and self-improvement. Full of creative thought and intellectual power, Biblical Questions, Spiritual Journeys will stimulate your mind and give you fresh insights on a score of Biblical passages.

What better path is there for a spiritual journey?

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