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With Truth And With Love /

With Truth And With Love  /
Publisher: Feldheim
Item No.: 978168025365817.00
Authors: Rav Yaakov Greenwald
Pages: 424
Weight: 1.8 LBS
Dimensions: 6"X9"
Format: Hardcover
List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $17.00
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Truth and love are the twin foundations upon which all Yiddishkeit rests. There is only one truth — the truth of the Creator as He reveals Himself to us. And there is only one love — the love for the Creator as He reveals Himself to us. Our love for our fellow Jew, our child or our spouse is really a love for the Divine image they bear. This is the fundamental insight upon which this sefer is based. With Truth and with Love is an expanded English edition of the much acclaimed Eitzos veHadrachos (Part 2). Each of its seventeen shiurim consists of two parts: the first is a discussion of the principles behind a profound Torah concept, while the second part offers a number of strategies for incorporating it into our lives and bringing it out in the education of our children.

Some of the topics covered are:

• Emes and emunah

• Self-confidence and self-esteem

• The true meaning of modesty

• Service of the heart

• Maintaining our peace of mind

• Balancing our middos

Absorbing the principles of this sefer will enable you to achieve true shleimus — peace with others, with yourself and with Hashem.

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