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Sparks of Tanya Volume 1 /

Sparks of Tanya Volume 1 /
Publisher: Kehot
Item No.: SPOTN
Format: 6.2" x 9"
List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $13.50
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By: Robert Kremnizer

A simplified guide to knowing, understanding and applying Chabad philosophy

The Tanya, the foundation of Chabad-Chasidic philosophy, has been termed the written Torah of Chasidut. It is endlessly deep and wide and answers all of life`s questions. However, for many, this vast treasure remains inaccessible, because of its Hebrew language or its translation to difficult English.

The present work, Sparks of Tanya, aims to introduce the novice to the magic and wonderful world of the Tanya - of realizing one`s potential, actualizing one`s fulfillment, and improving one`s immediate environment - and ultimately that of the world.

Each chapter of the Tanya is presented in simplified form and articulation, which although may upset some purists (because it can`t possibly do the original justice), it will enable access to those who are unable for whatever reason to digest the original


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