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Production! /

Production! /
Item No.: 9781614658320
Pages: 202
Weight: 1.2 LBS
Dimensions: 6"X9"
Format: Hardcover
List Price: $19.99
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  My stomach jumps with anxiety. I have to make choir; I just have to! That feeling of being up there with all eyes on me...that sense of strength as my voice transports people to where the story needs them to go...

Tenth grader Chava Abrams is enthralled by her school's production-with its colorful costumes, dazzling choreography, and stunning sets. Her greatest ambition is to get a solo and be named assistant choir head. It's the first step in her grand plan-and her plan has got to succeed.

But when Chava discovers a friend's painful secret, she's torn between her deepest desire and her friend's happiness. How will she make the right choice before the curtains open?

Popular author Ellen Roteman presents a powerful story about the force of friendship in choosing the roles we play-both onstage and behind the scenes. From tryouts to dress rehearsals, fundraising bake sales to last-minute technical glitches, readers will agree that this production deserves a standing ovation.


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