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Stay with Me /

Stay with Me /
Item No.: 9781600918100
Authors: Libby Lazewnik
Pages: 447
Weight: 2 LBS
Dimensions: 6"X9"
Format: Hardcover
List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $21.50
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SHULI is a single mom who wants only what's best for her son Yosef - but why is he so angry at her? And what does Shulie not understand?


DANI is the Magic Man, with a financial background and magical tricks in his pocket - but why is suddenly running, running, running from the yeshivah where he's spent the last ten years? Just who is chasing him - and why?


EZRA is the perfect catch: kind and considerate, learned and polite - so why is he leaving a trail of broken hearts and frustrated shadchanim behind him?


You'll laugh and cry, sigh, roll your eyes and sit at the edge of your seat and cheer, as these true-to-life characters grow, develop and share their tribulations and joys. Find the answers to these questions and more - so much more! - in Libby Lazewnik's gripping new novel, STAY WITH ME. 

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